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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Pedometer-determined physical activity among multiethnic and low-income etc 23 May 2006
Pedestrian Audit of Public Transport Facilities 19 Jul 2006
Active commuting to school among NSW primary school children: implications for public health 20 Jul 2006
Personal, family, social, and environmental correlates of active commuting to school 20 Jul 2006
Omission of active commuting to school and the prevalence of childrens health-related physical activ 20 Jul 2006
Active commuting to school: an overlooked source of childrens physical activity 20 Jul 2006
Active commuting to and from school and BMI in elementary school children etc (abstract) 20 Jul 2006
Free ranging our children: Reversing the tide of children being driven to school 20 Jul 2006
Examining the Emperor 21 Jul 2006
Pedestrian exposure to air pollution along a major road etc 21 Jul 2006
Briefing: walking and cycling: an action plan (UK) 21 Jul 2006
Pounding the pavement (Oklahoma) 21 Jul 2006
Pedestrian excitation of bridges 21 Jul 2006
When sneakers put you at risk 21 Jul 2006
Slip, trip and fall accidents occurring during the delivery of mail 21 Jul 2006
Long-life pavements 21 Jul 2006
LGNZ Submission on the Outdoor Walking Access Consultation Document 23 Jul 2006
Auckland City Council Footpath Policy 23 Jul 2006
Cycling and Walking Strategy (Auckland CC) 23 Jul 2006
Active Mt Albert Map 23 Jul 2006
Get Your Feet On The Street (Auckland CC) 23 Jul 2006
Footpath Renewal Programme (Auckland CC) 23 Jul 2006
Travelwise 4 School (Auckland) 23 Jul 2006
Road Safety Education: Getting around Auckland safely on foot 23 Jul 2006
Pedestrian orientation signage network - Auckland CBD 23 Jul 2006

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