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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Christchurch to Little River cycleway/walkway proposal 5 Jul 2006
Wellington CC LTCCP submission 2006 1 Jul 2006
WCC Footpath Management Submission 2006 1 Jul 2006
Wellington RLTS 2007-2016 final submission 2006 1 Jul 2006
WCC Trading in public places submission 2006 1 Jul 2006
Walking Map Toolbox 1 Jul 2006
GWRC 10 year plan submission 2006 1 Jul 2006
Submission on Christchurch Long Term Community Plan Submission 2006 30 Jun 2006
LSA submission on Draft Land Transport Rule Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 26 Jun 2006
Submission on Wellington City Council parking policy 2007 26 Jun 2006
Social capital and the built environment 15 Jun 2006
Promoting safe walking and cycling to improve public health: lessons from the Netherlands and Germany 15 Jun 2006
Places to walk: convenience and regular physical activity 15 Jun 2006
Does walking 15 minutes per day keep the obesity epidemic away? 15 Jun 2006
Declining rates of physical activity in the United States 15 Jun 2006
Active commuting to school 15 Jun 2006
Walking the talk (incorporating physical activity into conferences and meetings) 15 Jun 2006
Evaluation of an alternative transport initiative in Perth, Western Australia, 2004 15 Jun 2006
Proximal impact of Canada on the move 15 Jun 2006
Chronic disease notes and reports (physical activity and health) 15 Jun 2006
Walk to school (quick start resource) 15 Jun 2006
International walk to school day 15 Jun 2006
Relationship of walking to mortality among US adults with diabetes 15 Jun 2006
The pan-European programme on transport, health and environment (PEP) 15 Jun 2006
Transport and health - promotion of safe walking and cycling in urban areas 15 Jun 2006

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