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Title Post date What Where Attached files
National New Zealand Walking Summit 24 Apr 2017
Tribute to a walking champion - Wellington City Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman 4 Apr 2017
More walking needed for the Government Policy Statement on Transport 31 Mar 2017
eBulletin March 2017 10 Mar 2017
Wellington's major transport initiative 23 Feb 2017
Ministry Of Transport Pedestrian Blind Spot Costs Lives 6 Jan 2017
Safer speeds and network efficiency in relation to NZTA’s Speed Management Guide 6 Jan 2017
Walk to Work day, March 8 Wednesday 2017 3 Jan 2017
Your Christmas present is in the eBulletin 22 Dec 2016
Safer Road Design for Older Pedestrians 12 Dec 2016
Value of footpaths in New Zealand survey 4 Nov 2016
Press Releases 31 Oct 2016
Press Release, Clendon Petition on Footpath Cycling 29 Oct 2016
Safer Pedestrians 25 Oct 2016
Select Committee appearance Petition 2014/59 of Joanne Clendon 24 Oct 2016
Benchmarking Walking in Six New Zealand Cities. 24 Oct 2016
Local government elections - Talking walking at the local level 26 Sep 2016
Please park correctly next time 15 Aug 2016
Gil Penalosa talk in Wellington - walkability and ageing 13 Jul 2016
NZ Post electric footpath trucks not suitable 28 Jun 2016
Accessible streets – footpaths for feet 25 Jun 2016
Walking to a healthier, brighter, more equitable future with Gil Penalosa 21 Jun 2016
NZ Post tractor and trailer units on the Footpaths 10 Jun 2016
Line down the centre of the footpath. 3 Jun 2016
Annual General Meeting of Living Streets Aotearoa Wednesday 6th July 2016, 12.45pm 30 May 2016

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