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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Walking is good for my health: report of a pilot study 29 Mar 2006
Christchurch parks and recreation 28 Mar 2006
Wellington regional pedestrian strategy 28 Mar 2006
ROSE 25 report (European Commission guide on road safety education) 28 Mar 2006
Activator online (SPARC) 28 Mar 2006
Walking for health (Agewell) 28 Mar 2006
The walking school bus (Pinnacle Research) 28 Mar 2006
Tactile indicators and other pedestrian safety systems 28 Mar 2006
Roadsafe Auckland 28 Mar 2006
Discover Lyttelton 28 Mar 2006
Hanmer heritage forest trust 28 Mar 2006
Sustainable Wellington resource index 28 Mar 2006
Devonport draft master plan 28 Mar 2006
Welcome 22 Mar 2006
Copyright and Disclaimer 22 Mar 2006
Transport planners out of step on walking (newspaper opinion piece) 20 Mar 2006
Resources and information available for safer routes education and promotional activities 20 Mar 2006
Walking and cycling (literature review: education and promotion initiatives to improve road safety) 20 Mar 2006
Environmental sustainability strategy for Sutton: a cleaner, greener Sutton, action today for a bett 20 Mar 2006
Tuesday lunchtime civic walkers (Wellington) 20 Mar 2006
Walking and Cycling Strategy (Waitakere CC) 20 Mar 2006
Planning for pedestrians (Victoria DOI) 20 Mar 2006
Children's freedoms and promoting the 'active city' in Auckland neighbourhoods 20 Mar 2006
National guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design in New Zealand. Part 2: Implem 20 Mar 2006
National guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design in NZ. Part 1 20 Mar 2006

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