--3.21 Health & transport policies

Health impacts of transport policies, particularly the encouragement (or otherwise) of physical activity as a result of transport policy decisions.

Riding, walking to work builds fitness into day

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Lois Fletcher started taking the subway to work nine months ago to save money. It turned out to be an excellent way for her to lose weight -- more than 30 pounds to be exact. Five mornings a week, the 53-year-old mother of three boards a commuter train in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, and heads downtown.
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Exercise-based transportation reduces oil dependence, carbon emissions and obesity

Cycling and health promotion

A safer, slower urban road environment is the key This is an editorial which talks about building walking and cycling into everyday life.

Health impacts of transport - convicted drivers

Convicted drivers This article describes the broader effects of transport on health, including respiratory illnesses from air pollution and cardiovascular and mental health benefits of walking and cycling.

Reducing automobile traffic: an urgent policy for health promotion

An urgent policy for health promotion
Abstract - Reducing automobile traffic ... - Web page for purchase information
Scientists anticipate that in coming decades the greenhouse effect will produce alterations in climate. Traffic and rural and urban highway infrastructures are already among the principal causes of environmental degradation.
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The physical environment and physical activity

Moving from ecological associations to intervention evidence An editorial on physical activity and the physical environment.