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Advertisments and media items promoting walking but not classified elsewhere.

The plight of the North American Bipeds (video)

Satirical clip on YouTube - pedestrians as endangered wildlife.
Bridget C Brown
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Tours of the Rings

Join us for an experience of a life time. Not only do you get to see the film sites for the lord of the rings, you also get to visit a World Heritage status National Park of unparalleled beauty with views and scenery to leave you spellbound. Walk under Mt. Doom and stroll through Orc country. See Mordor the strong hold of the Dark lord Sauron. Visit lthilien camp with beautiful waterfalls and beech forests.

Walk to Work (The Age, Melbourne)

A newspaper article promoting walking to work as a way to reduce stress and complications from health issues
Tim Hall
The Age (Melbourne) John Fairfax Publications Pty Limited

About Us

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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