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Market research report - active travel for short trips

Short trip top line results 2006
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The key findings of the 2006 Short Trip research project are as follows:

a) 36% of respondents made a short trip up to one kilometre in an "average 24-hour day" during the survey period. 74% of the trips made by these respondents were by active mode (i.e. walking/cycling). (The comparative figures in the 2004 survey were 39% and 74% respectively).

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NZ Household Travel Survey

Comparing travel modes
Household Travel Survey - Document - Adobe PDF
This fact sheet shows the travel mode choices made by New Zealanders when they travel. It uses data from 12 700 people in 5 650 households, collected between March 2003 and June 2006.
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Impediments to walking as a mode choice

This study evaluates a case-control design of contrasts between 110 drivers of a walkable distance and 238 walkers to address factors influencing the uptake of walking as a mode choice.
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Walking and driving cultures in Auckland

Presentation to NZ Walking Conference, Christchurch, Nov 2006
Cathy Bean,Robert Kearns
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Coping without a car (MSD)

The report looks at situations of older people living without a car and at the strategies people use to cope. It then suggests some solutions.
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