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<P>This section covers:<ul><li>Policy documents, research papers and strategies produced by the NZ Government and crown agencies (and their consultants)</li><li>Policy documents, research papers and strategies produced by NZ regional councils and territorial local authorities (and their consultants)</li><li>Academic research papers and conference papers</li><li>Policy proposals and lobbying or advocacy material produced by non-governmental organisations and private individuals</li><li>Proposals and plans for the implementation of walking strategies (if not covered by other sections)</li></ul></P>

Walking access in the New Zealand outdoors (Cabinet paper)

Cabinet paper from the office of the Minister for Rural Affairs
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No exceptions (SPARC)

Strategy and implementation plan 2005-2009
No exceptions (SPARC) - Document - Adobe PDF - Acrobat Reader
The No Exceptions Strategy is intended to guide the strategies and actions of all agencies involved in the provision of physical recreation and sport op

Investing in recreation - guidelines for national recreation organisations (SPARC)

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Changing physical activity behaviour (SPARC)

Key lessons learned The purpose of this resource is to detail the key learnings to date from the regional and district physical activity strategic planning projects that ha
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Land Transport NZ research strategy 2006/7

PDF document. This strategy establishes the direction that Land Transport New Zealand’s research programme is headed for 2006-2007.
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Land transport research strategy - overview (LTNZ)

Web page. Land Transport NZ commissions innovative research which contributes towards making New Zealand's land transport system more integrated, safer, more responsive and sustainable.
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Walking and cycling and the local transport plan

This paper looks at the opportunities for promoting walking and cycling through five-year Local Transport Plans (LTPs), which have recently replaced the annual Transport Policies and Programme (TPP) scheme as the means for securing funding approval for investment in local transport.
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New Zealand walkways policy (DOC)

The New Zealand Walkways Policy provides for the administration of walkways in New Zealand.
Department of Conservation
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