--1.12 Implementation of Govt Strategy

Most active nation

how walking contributes to SPARC's goal of NZ being the most active nation
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This presentation will describe how SPARC has encouraged the growth of walking through: • Green Prescriptions-the GP referral scheme where about 80% of the referrals are for walking particularly for p

Breaking New Zealand's 'P' dependence

Handout Presentation to NZ Walking Conference, Christchurch, Nov 2006
Jason Morgan,Gerry Dance

No exceptions (SPARC)

Strategy and implementation plan 2005-2009
No exceptions (SPARC) - Document - Adobe PDF - Acrobat Reader
The No Exceptions Strategy is intended to guide the strategies and actions of all agencies involved in the provision of physical recreation and sport op

Investing in recreation - guidelines for national recreation organisations (SPARC)

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Changing physical activity behaviour (SPARC)

Key lessons learned The purpose of this resource is to detail the key learnings to date from the regional and district physical activity strategic planning projects that ha
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