--1.37 Hawkes Bay local council

<ul><li>Documents prepared by local councils in Hawkes Bay</li><li>Policy advice papers from consultants etc</li><li>Submissions on TLA policy by NGOs etc</li><li>Legislation (by-laws)</li><li>Implementation of walking strategies</li></ul>
Promotional materials e.g. maps and pamphlets (see section 4), Detailed engineering and design standards (2), Safety & health information (3)

Napier City Council Activity Management Plan - roading

Includes plans to promote walking and cycling and improve road safety, as well as other roading management issues.
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Hawke's Bay regional coastal environment plan - access and recreation

Information sheet 4 This information sheet outlines the Hawke's Bay regional coastal environment draft plan in relation to public access and recreation along the region's coast
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