Submission on Wellington City Council Annual Plan 2013

This is our submission on the 2013 Draft Annual Plan for Wellington City Council. Our submission covered the lack of priority and projects for pedestrians, supported the Miramar development to provide better pedestrian facilities, and supported the further development of 'the Promenade' waterfront walk from the railway station to Kumutoto to improve pedestrian access.

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Making Submissions tips and gudelines

Making submissions on strategies, plans and proposals is one of the most important ways of shaping your community. 

Decision makers feel more accountable when they realise that people care about what they're doing, and are prepared to tell them what they think.  The more people who support or oppose a plan, the harder it is for Councillors and others to ignore their views.

Here are some resources to help you write and present effective submissions.  Browse through and find which ones will help you.

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What is new in 2021?

Join us on 10 March 2021 Walk2Work Day by sharing your photo of your every day walk, or get a group and friends together, and be in to win a prize. We want to see your walk to work or school, to the shops, to the park or wherever your daily activity takes you anytime during the day. We will post these wonderful walk photos on our facebook group to inspire others!


What's new in Wellington? 

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