Living Streets Wellington is supporting World Car-Free Day on September 22nd 2008

: 17 Sep 2008

This annual global event, organised by the World Car-free Network, encourages people in more than 1,5000 cities to change to socially and environmentally sustainable methods of transport.

Persuasive evidence about the storm and drought impacts of Climate Change, caused partly by rising greenhouse gases from transport, coupled with the obesity epidemic, make this day even more relevant in 2008.

Dismay at the lack of funding committed to improving the walking environment

: 7 Aug 2008

At the end of a very successful NZ Walking conference, Living Street Aotearoa members expressed dismay at the lack of funding announced in the Government Policy Statement committed to improving the walking environment.

Walking has been overlooked in favour of Think Big transport projects for too long.

"We are under-whelmed by the targets and funding" Ms Wade-Brown said in a closing address to the delegates in Auckland.

Save petrol money - Walk

: 25 Jul 2008

Creating communities less reliant on oil will be high on the agenda at the New Zealand Walking conference, organised by Living Streets Aotearoa.

Making our communities more walkable by designing streets for people is a top priority as petrol rockets past $2 a litre, says walking expert Dan Burden.

Great Harbour Way needs political commitment NOW

: 24 Jul 2008

Celia Wade-Brown says "Let's look at the Great Harbour Way and plan for its implementation sooner than later."

A wide scenic route from Wellington to Hutt would be terrific for recreation and commuting.

It's shameful that tourists coming off the ferry from South Island can't cycle or walk along our magnificent harbour in either direction.

Wellington has a lovely waterfront and Petone's foreshore is attractive but there is an ABYSS between.

Children Want to Walk to School

: 17 Jun 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa says the recent Ministry of Health report A Portrait of Health is an indictment of New Zealand's urban form and transport options.

Fewer than half of children aged 5 to 14 years use active transport (walk, run, cycle, scoot or skate) to get to school.

"The journey to school offers an easy way to be active and forms the active transport habit early", says Councillor Celia Wade-Brown.  Children can also get exercise by walking part of the journey to the bus or train.

Txting ties up the brain as well as the hands!

: 11 Jun 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa President, Celia Wade-Brown, says the Government's proposal to ban hand held phones is welcome but doesn't go far enough.

"It's not just the physical distraction, it's the sense of the driver being absent from the real driving situation. Trying to catch a driver's eye as a turning cyclist or pedestrian waiting at a crossing is MUCH more difficult if the driver's on the phone."