-3 Safety & Health

<P>This section covers:<ul><li>Road safety pamphlets relating to pedestrian safety</li><li>Accident statistics</li><li>Reports and proposals for safety improvement</li><li>Safety strategies</li><li>Case studies and reports related to accident prevention</li><li>Case studies and reports related to street crime and perception of crime</li></ul></P>

Reported incidence of injuries caused by street glass among urban children in Philadelphia


Outdoor falls among middle-aged and older adults: a neglected public health problem

Although risk factors for indoor falls among older individuals have been well studied, little is known about the etiology of outdoor falls.

The therapeutic value of children's everyday travel

This paper looks at the role of travel as a facilitator and provider of childrens physical activity which is an essential p

The broader impact of walking to school among adolescents etc

How children travel to and from school may significantly influence their overall physical activity levels. This paer measured moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) among adolescents and explored their means of travel to and from school.

Distance of walking in childhood and femoral bone density etc

Premenopausal women were asked how many kilometers per day they had walked to school and back, in each grade of primary school. Walking distance was not associated with spinal bone density.

Safekids Community - Falls and Pedestrian Safety Checklist

A checklist for local authorities focusing on the role of the local government in protecting and promoting child pedestrian safety and falls prevention

Travelwise 4 School (Auckland)

Auckland City\'s Travelwise 4 School programme aims to create travel alternatives for school kids other than being dropped off by car, and ultimately reduce school-related travel congestion and safety issues.
Auckland Ci
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