-3 Safety & Health

<P>This section covers:<ul><li>Road safety pamphlets relating to pedestrian safety</li><li>Accident statistics</li><li>Reports and proposals for safety improvement</li><li>Safety strategies</li><li>Case studies and reports related to accident prevention</li><li>Case studies and reports related to street crime and perception of crime</li></ul></P>

Health impacts of transport - convicted drivers

Convicted drivers This article describes the broader effects of transport on health, including respiratory illnesses from air pollution and cardiovascular and mental health benefits of walking and cycling.

Relative Influences of Individual, Social Environmental, and Physical Environmental Correlates etc

This paper discusses a cross-sectional survey, which examines individual, social environmental, and physical environmental correlates of walking
Billie Giles-Corti,Robert Donovan

Walking for exercise self-efficacy appraisal process

Use of focus group methodology Focus group methodology focussing around self-efficacy of walking
Donna Konradi,Linda Anglin
Journal of Geronto

Reducing automobile traffic: an urgent policy for health promotion

An urgent policy for health promotion
Abstract - Reducing automobile traffic ... - Web page for purchase information
Scientists anticipate that in coming decades the greenhouse effect will produce alterations in climate. Traffic and rural and urban highway infrastructures are already among the principal causes of environmental degradation.
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Prevalence of physical activity in the United States

Behavioural risk factor surveillance Integrating surveillance of lifestyle activities into national systems is possible, and doing so may provide a more accurate representation of the prevalence of recommended levels of physical activity.

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