--3.28 Bio-mechanical research & walking

Research into the bio-mechanical aspects of walking, gait patterns, etc

An experimental study of passive dynamic walking

A two-straight-legged walking mechanism with flat feet is designed and built to study the passive dynamic gait.

Reliability of measurement of angular movements of the pelvis etc

Angular movements of the pelvis and lumbar spine are thought to play an important role in walking. However, little is known about the amount of unpredictable variability in measurement of these movements during human walking.

Energy-speed relationship of walking: standard tables

The energy expenditure of level walking was measured in 260 normal male and female subjects walking around a 60.5m-circular outdoor track.

The influence of flexibility on the economy of walking and jogging

The relationship of 11 measures of trunk and lower limb flexibility to the economy of treadmill walking and jogging as measured by steady-state oxygen consumption (VO2) was studied.
Gilbert W.

Quantitative evaluation of walking style from the temporal and spatial etc

For effective guidance of walking, the authors developed a quantitative method for evaluating the quality of walking based on physical feature parameters reflecting the views of specialists in walking guidance. The concept of quality of walking comprises foot movement, balance, including the upper body, and the aesthetic aspect.

Foot pressure distribution during walking in young and old adults

Measurement of foot pressure distribution (FPD) is clinically useful for evaluation of foot and gait pathologies. The effects of healthy aging on FPD during walking are not well known.

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