Kiwis beat Aussies in battle of physical activity

Press release - Hon Trevor Mallard In the same week as national Push Play Day, (Friday, November 4) which focuses on getting active, an Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health article reports that New Zealand adults are more physically active than their Australian counterparts - 63.7 percent of New Zealanders are active versus Australians at 58.8 percent.
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Physical activity toolkit for District Health Boards

The toolkit provides a lot of information on many aspects of physical activity in New Zealand including the health benefits and how we can encourage more New Zealanders to be active.
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Be active every day (MOH)

Take 3 steps towards a healthy lifestyle
Be active every day (MOH) - Web page with link to PDF
PDF brochure promoting exercise for health.
Regional Public Health, Wellington

The influence of flexibility on the economy of walking and jogging

The relationship of 11 measures of trunk and lower limb flexibility to the economy of treadmill walking and jogging as measured by steady-state oxygen consumption (VO2) was studied.
Gilbert W.

Quantitative evaluation of walking style from the temporal and spatial etc

For effective guidance of walking, the authors developed a quantitative method for evaluating the quality of walking based on physical feature parameters reflecting the views of specialists in walking guidance. The concept of quality of walking comprises foot movement, balance, including the upper body, and the aesthetic aspect.

Nelson Tasman physical activity plan

The regional strategy will be a guiding document for the Nelson Tasman Physical Activity Plan, which was recently consulted on.
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Brisk walking speed in older adults who walk for exercise

This paper aimed to determine the self-selected exercise intensity of older adults who report that they walk briskly for exercise.

Weight control information network - walking (a step in the right direction

This website promotes walking. As walking is one of the easiest ways to be physically active. You can do it almost anywhere and at any time. Walking is also inexpensive.

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