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Recreational facilities (Palmerston North)

Lists recreational facilities in and around Palmerson North and activities which can be carried out there.
Palmerston North City Council
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Dog ownership and human health-related physical activity: an epidemiological study

The presence of a household dog may be of benefit to the health of the owners. One reason may be because of increased physical activity through regular dog walking.
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Physical activity and use of suburban train stations: an exploratory analysis

Physical inactivity contributes to a growing proportion of illness and premature death in the US. Only about 45% of American people get the recommended national standard for physical activity.

Health and community design: the impact of the built environment on physical activity

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The broader impact of walking to school among adolescents etc

How children travel to and from school may significantly influence their overall physical activity levels. This paer measured moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) among adolescents and explored their means of travel to and from school.

Pedestrian exposure to air pollution along a major road etc

Pedestrian exposure to PM 2.5, the loss of reflectance (‘blackness’) of the PM 2.5 filters, ultrafine particle counts and carbon monoxide (CO) was investigated along a major r

Health promoting physical activity of adults with mental retardation

This is a literature review which describes the physical activity behaviour of adults with mental retardation.
Heidi Stanish,Viviene Temple,Georgia Frey

Recruitment of African American women to a walking program

Eligibility, ineligibility, and attrition during screening The purposes of this paper were to identify strategies successful in the recruitment of African American women to a home-based walking program and t
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Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health

A report from the 57th World Health Assembly.
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