--2.93 Passenger transport & walking


Building transit orientated development in established communities

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This is a synthesis of the actions and processes undertaken by car orientated communities that desire to transform into transit orientated communities.

Commuter assistance program: evaluation manual

The Florida commuter assistance program is an important part of the Florida Department of Transportation program to meet transportation needs in the State of Florida.

Terrorism, transit, and public safety: evaluating the risks

This paper evaluates the overall safety of public transit, taking into account all risks, including recent terrorist attacks.

Physical activity and use of suburban train stations: an exploratory analysis

Physical inactivity contributes to a growing proportion of illness and premature death in the US. Only about 45% of American people get the recommended national standard for physical activity.

Passenger wait time perceptions at bus stops

Empirical results and impact on evaluating real-time bus arrival information
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This study quantifies the relationship between perceived and actual waiting times experienced by passengers awaiting the arrival of a bus at a bus stop.
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Pedestrian Audit of Public Transport Facilities

The main objective of the brief was to conduct a pedestrian audit of passenger transport stations and key nodes throughout the region, and to produce a report detailing necessary pedestrian improvements.
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Evaluation of an alternative transport initiative in Perth, Western Australia, 2004

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Perth, Western Australia, has the highest proportion of per capita car ownership in Australia.

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