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Walking to 2040: footpath design

Living Streets Aotearoa, Wellington, invites you to come and hear about some of the latest research and developments on footpath design. Walking is the first mode of transport for all humans and is the way to the future for healthy people, social and economic benefits and vibrant communities. Walking and pedestrians are a key part of the transport network.

This is an important topic for all local councillors and council transport staff and contractors- those primarily responsible for building and maintaining footpaths, and ensuring they work well.

Walking to 2040: footpath design is the first in a series of talks to present some of the latest research of interest to pedestrians.

Meeting room 2 Wellington City Council
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Ellen Blake
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021 106 7139
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Face to face
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Walking and the role of 'dollars and sense' in travel behaviour change initiatives in the Wellington Region

Abstract Remit

From persuading a Human Resources manager that supporting staff walking to work creates a more productive workforce to explaining the health benefits of more children walking to school; the economic benefits of walking are a common thread in the implementation and evaluation of Greater Wellington's Sustainable Transport programmes. This presentation provides an overview of a range of behaviour change initiatives involving encouraging walking that we've tried, highlighting their strengths and lessons learned.

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Sam Winslow
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Greater Wellington Regional Council
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Tue p.m. early

Submission on Wairarapa Corridor Plan

Submission on Wairarapa Corridor Plan

The plan acknowledges that key transport pressures are the ageing population, growth in tourism and growth in freight.  However, in spite of this, we feel that the plan largely ignores public transport, walking and cycling, and focuses on road transport.

Walking and Cycling

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Submission on Vision Seaview Grecefield

Submission on Vision Seaview Gracefield

Living Streets Lower Hutt conditionally supports the proposed Vision Seaview Gracefield.  However we would like some amendments.

We are supportive of the four themes of the vision.

We are particularly supportive of Theme 1’s following key outcomes and their associated initiatives

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Success for walking advocates

It's worthwhile taking action when you notice a problem area for pedestrians.  Sometimes you can make a difference!  Recently a walking advocate identified a problem at the entrance to a Khandallah supermarket car park.  There was no indication to motorists that they were crossing a footpath and there weret even in/out arrows for cars painted on the footpath!  He wrote to the supermarket but never got a reply.  However,  the other day he was walking past the supermarket and noticed that they had done everything he had suggested including burning the arrows off the footpath, marki

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Active a2b project

Active a2b logo

Active a2b

Active a2b is a health and wellbeing programme run by Greater Wellington to encourage employees in Wellington workplaces to walk or cycle to work. It runs from January to March 2010 and aims to transform your trip to work into something valuable.


Why would you want to walk or cycle to work?

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Details of Tuesday Walks for 2020

Living Streets Aotearoa Lunchtime Walks 2020

Walk 1: Walk to Talavera Terrace

Category:  MODERATE. Several climbs.

Time:  40 mins

Guide: Kate Riddick

Leave Plimmer statue at 12.30 pm.

Walk up Plimmer Steps and continue up Boulcott Street. Once you cross the motorway bridge (on the left side) take the track that leads up to Kelburn Park. At the top of the track, turn right and walk down to Everton Tce.


Need to stretch your legs on Tuesday lunchtimes in Wellington? This is for you

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Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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