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Getacross Campaign Shifts Gear

GetAcross is a campaign that has been lobbying and advocating for cyclists and walkers to get across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. LSA have been involved in supporting Getacross since its beginning.  Its is a great project and will transform the way people use the bridge and connect our communities.  Most importantly it will give a transport choice in these uncertain times.

Greening the Rubble - Make-SHIFT website

On the Greening the Rubble project's website you will see how this project is making a difference in Christchurch despite the continuing earthquakes and aftershocks. Go to: http://www.greeningtherubble.org.nz

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Dunedin City Council Central Ward Candidates 2010 survey responses

Questions sent to the Central Ward candidates (For those who are also mayoral candidates, see that file)

1.      How do you consider we can improve Dunedin's reputation to make it more walking & cycle friendly for locals and visitors?

2.      In your role as a Councillor/Mayor  would you commit to acting according to the principles in the International Walking Charter which apply equally to cycling

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About Us

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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