Greening the Rubble - Christchurch

The Greening the Rubble project, will be run under the umbrella of Living Streets Aotearoa with grant support from Christchurch City Council. It forms part of a wider initiative to find temporary uses for empty sites across Christchurch, following the damage caused by the Canterbury earthquake on 4 September 2010; collectively known as Make-SHIFT

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Benefits of new and improved pedestrian facilities: case studies

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In seeking to optimise the use of existing infrastructure and develop more vibrant shopping centres by creating places/spaces that people want to visit, many Councils are seeking to reallocate road space.

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Tracy Allatt
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Beca Infrastructure Ltd
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Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices Amendment

Submission completed May 19th with 4 minutes to spare! As submission was done online no direct way to save and due to short time frame could not save a copy in word. Notes were taken during preparation of submission and can be obtained from Cindy at :

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