Down with speed say walking advocates

Walking advocates are calling for lower traffic speeds as the most effective way of improving road safety.

The call follows the death of former Air Accident Inspector Ron Chippindale who was struck by a car this morning.

Director of Living Streets Aotearoa, Liz Thomas, says “While we don’t know the exact circumstances of this tragic accident, we know that lowering traffic speeds reduces the frequency and severity of accidents.”

“The message is simple: down with speed for safer roads.”

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Pedestrians in peril on Valley streets

More than 1,000 San Fernando Valley pedestrians have been hit by vehicles since 2006, with three major thoroughfares serving as the sites of most of the serious injuries and deaths.

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Campaign to drive safety message home

Pedestrians and drivers are being asked to Stop Look Live as Wellington City Council launches a hard hitting pedestrian safety campaign.

Healthy Futures #6

The natural environment, health and well-being
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The natural environment – everything from parks and open countryside to gardens and other green spaces – can play an important part in promoting and maintaining good health and well-being.
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