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Shared space

Room for everyone - a new vision for public spaces
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Shared Space is a European co-operation project that aims to develop a new policy for designing public spaces at regional, national and eventually at an European level.
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Principles towards a walking-friendly and human city

It is time to improve the situation and the status of the pedestrians, in an era where motor traffic in the cities is expanding causing a negative impact on the quality of city life. The goal should be to form a city policy dedicated to providing more living space and prioritising the pedestrian.
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Home zones go downtown

The Evolution of Shared Spaces in Switzerland
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In Switzerland, so called zones of encounter (Begegnungszonen), represent the newest concept, where cars, bicycles and pedestrians share the same space, with pedestrians enjoying priority rights.
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Social capital and the built environment

The importance of walkable neighbourhoods Leyden seeks to examine whether pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use neighbourhoods encourage enhanced levels of social and community engagement, using Galway as a case study.
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Walking, from policy to practice - the Geneva case

the Geneva case A paper about making cities walking friendly as opposed to the car friendly cities that have developed over the past forty years
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About Us

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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