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Check out this flyer for use when confronted by vehicles parked on the grass verge, footpath or council reserve - an old one but still with a relevant message. You can support pedestrians and walking by using this flyer and our Yellow Feet. It's important we can all safely and pleasantly walk along the footpath. 

Tuesday lunchtime walks

These pages have been updated for 2017 walks - try one out on Tuesdays.  See links on botttom of the page for Walking Groups

Walk2Work Day 9 March 2016

We had fun celebrating walking again on Walk2Work Day. We decided to try something new this year and met at Masons Lane between the Terrace and Lambton Quay for a couple of hours. This newly refurbished lane is one of several the WCC has been upgrading. Hundreds of Wellingtonians walked these steps and shared some thoughts with us which we passed on to our Mayor Celia

From The Streets of my City,  Irvine-Smith, F. Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1948, page 180: “The first such opening is Mason’s Steps (sic), originally a track up the cliff to the (sic) Terrace over a section owned by W. Mason, who on its south corner set up one of the first smithies of the settlement. Curiously enough, the occupant of the north corner, a draper, was also W. Mason. They were both early pioneers”.

    Half way down the steps before the upgrade

Meetings and events

Next event - local government elections postal vote before 8 October 2016.

Local government provides all the programmes and funding for walking and pedestrian infrastucture. They are key to whether we have a walkable liveable place or not. Get out and vote for walking.

Want to get more involved in walking and advocating for our slice of the transport pie in Wellington? Living Streets Wellington hold a meeting every month with our next one on 6 September 2016. Contact wellington(a)livingstreets.org.nz for more details and to come along - all members welcome.

We look forward to seeing you at a future event.

What's been happening:

The 2Walk and cycle conference was recently held in Auckland in July and papers are available here. Gil Penalosa and Ben Rossiter were great key note speakers but once again the conference was dominated by cycling concerns, we are looking at providing a walk only event soon - please be in touch with your ideas. 

Our great walking champions and projects were announced at the Golden Foot Walking Awards - three Wellington projects were in the finalists. Read about them on the blog.

Living Streets in association with the WCC Accessibility Group undertook a Community Street Review of the Wellington Railway Station, our premier public transport node. This should be accessible for all and easy to find your way around - this wasn't quite what we found. Work is underway with WCC to find some solutions - the kerb dropdown across Bunny St to Featherston St has been upgraded - let us know if this works for you. The report is available here.

Spring Clean the Steps from Grafton Road to Maidavale Road in Roseneath happened on a brilliantly fine Sunday 27 September. The longest set of pedestrian steps in Wellington got a spring spruce up. Catch bus no 14 to the Crescent stop to take one step for every day of the year  down to Balaena Bay - a favourite Wellington beach in summer.

Before       and after 

Living Streets applauds the High Court decision to support the Board of Inquiry decision declining the Basin Reserve flyover proposal. The footpaths around the Basin have been saved for pedestrians only, including the many school children who are daily visitors in this area. Now to address the real transport issues in Wellington and get a better, clean-air public transport system well connected with pedestrians that we can all be proud of. 

Living Streets is very enthusiastic about our new green woman crossing signs - Kate Sheppherd, our most famous New Zealand suffragette, is now remembered everytime we cross many of our Wellington streets. Check this out

The 'Walking at Night' event was a great success with over 40 people taking to the Allenby Terrace steps to review the route with a crime prevention through environmental design lense. This highlighted a number of improvements that could make these steps a nicer place at night (and through the day too). We hope to follow up this walkshop with some practical action - watch this space for more.

Living Streets Wellington held a series of meetings and events throughout 2013, 2012 and 2011, they are timed and designed to allow us to address topical issues. We have looked at pedestrian accidents on footpaths and footpath design guidelines; designing liveable spaces that foster community resilience; and, the impact of parking on space allocation and its implications for pedestrians. If you want to know more about these meetings contact wellington(at)livingstreets.org.nz.

The Living Streets Community Street Review of the Dowse Art Gallery to Epuni Station in Lower Hutt highlighted this great walking route and a number of improvements that can be made along the way. If you are interested in learning how to do community street reviews please contact wellington[a]livingstreets.org.nz

Recent submissions

Click on Submissions at the bottom of this page to read our submissions.

Some of our latest submissions have been on the Wellington annual plan, transport research strategy, and the VDAM rule.


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