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Living Streets representation at the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry hearing has paid off with the draft decision declining the  Bridge flyover proposal. The footpaths around the Basin have been saved for pedestrians only, including the many school children who are daily visitors in this area.

Walk2Work Day 2014 was on Wednesday 12 March in several locations around Wellington. Wellington waterfront hosted the fabulous free breakfast with health checks, exercises, and information on your health status. Great prizes from several New World supermarkets went to six lucky walkers. We learnt some new stretches to do while waiting in queues and enjoyed the great weather. You would have seen us handing out apples at the Railway Station, Kent Terrace and Willis Street as well. Thanks for the grant that made this possible from Wellington City Council.

Upper Hutt wasn't to be outdone as Mayor Wayne Guppy hosted a coffee and chat outside the council buildings, and some lucky school children took part in the Upper Hutt Scavenger Hunt.

Meetings and events

Watch this space for a meeting later in the year to look at 'hot' pedestrian issues.

Remember to ask about walking at candidate's meetings prior to the elections. More information on political party priorities for walking will soon appear on this website.

Want to get more involved in walking and advocating for our slice of the transport pie in Wellington? Living Streets Wellington hold a meeting every month with our next one on 5 August 2014. Contact wellington(a)livingstreets.org.nz for more details and to come along - all members welcome.

Living Streets Wellington held a series of meetings and events throughout 2013, 2012 and 2011, they are timed and designed to allow us to address topical issues. We have looked at pedestrian accidents on footpaths and footpath design guidelines; designing liveable spaces that foster community resilience; and, the impact of parking on space allocation and its implications for pedestrians. If you want to know more about these meetings contact wellington(at)livingstreets.org.nz.

The Living Streets Community Street Review workshop was held on 6 April 2013. We walked a short route through Mt Victoria to Tory St identifying issues from a pedestrian perspective. We quickly identified a number of improvements that could be made along the route we walked and will be sharing these with the WCC. If you are interested in learning how to do community street reviews please contact wellington[a]livingstreets.org.nz

We look forward to seeing you at a future event.

Recent submissions

Click on Submissions at the bottom of this page to read our submissions.

Some of our latest submissions have been on council annual plans, Wellington Regional Passenger Transport Plan, and the Island Bay cycle-way.


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