The 2019 New Zealand Walking Summit - Auckland

The Walking Summit this year is on June 20 and 21

Auckland at the Auckland Transport Building in the Viaduct harbour.

You can find the costs and registration details here

Day 1 Walking to school and play June 20

Living Streets UK Jenni Wiggle (video) on their walk to school programme

Rachel Elisai-Hopa Te Ara Hapepe AT   

Sandra Mandic BEATS (video)

Alex Bonham kids play

Meg Christie CDHB school travel (video)   

Hjarne Poulsen DCC and Glen Koorey Dunedin Schools Cluster

Shanthi Amerautunga Uni Auck – older people and PT   

Kids Cam Louise Signal

Day 2 Walking and public transport 21 June

Vivian Naylor, CCS Disability Action

Nick Potter PT 2045  Ministry of Transport

Plus more to be confirmed


People chairing the sessions include Pippa Coom, Chris Darby and Kathryn King



The 2017 New Zealand Walking Summit

The 2017 New Zealand Walking Summit was an exciting opportunity for those involved in transport, health, urban design and local government and of course walking advocates too, to explore our theme of 'how to make New Zealand a world leading walking place'.

The outcomes of the NZ Walking Summit is our new four point plan

Living Streets Aotearoa’s four point plan for walking:

  1. Improve safety in urban areas with a 30 km/h speed limit around all schools and shopping centres  
  2. Properly fund walking and pedestrian infrastructure by assigning 1% of the National Land Transport Fund budget to walking
  3. Reverse the decline in kids walking to school with a national ‘safe routes to school’ programme
  4. Future proof our roading projects by making the NZ Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide the national standard for all new roading projects.

Here is video of

And here is the talk from our keynote speaker Dr Ben Wooliscroft, "Why can't we walk?" (attached), who we didn't manage to video. Ben says "The data I presented was interesting in it’s lack of variance – by gender, area, income, etc, except as reported. There’s a really strong groundswell of support for prioritising active transport in NZ. Keep up the great work."



Talking walking for a whole day produced all these great resources.

PDF icon WhyCantWeWalk.pdf1.3 MB