National Cycleway will benefit walkers too

: 15 May 2009

“A national cycle network is an excellent idea and would be used by walkers as well as cyclists when fully developed” says walking advocate and president of Living Street Aotearoa, Celia Wade-Brown.

The Prime Minister has announced that the government will invest $50 million over the next three years in a national cycleway consisting of a series of “great rides”, with the long term goal of creating a network that links these experiences together.

National cycleway: a great benefit to walkers too

: 28 Feb 2009

A long-distance cycleway could be part of a national cycle network that has huge benefits for New Zealanders walking too, adds walking advocate "Celia Wade-Brown. The UK Sustrans network is heavily used by walkers and runners where it runs near town and city centres. Health benefits for walking are estimated to be more than $2 per kilometre walked.

Pedestrian planning guide released

: 6 Feb 2009

This guide sets out ways to improve New Zealand’s walking environment. It outlines a process for deciding on the type of provision that should be made for pedestrians and provides design advice and standards. Learn more and access the completed guide in PDF format at: Pedestrian planning and desgn guide home page.

Living Streets Wellington is supporting World Car-Free Day on September 22nd 2008

: 17 Sep 2008

This annual global event, organised by the World Car-free Network, encourages people in more than 1,5000 cities to change to socially and environmentally sustainable methods of transport.

Persuasive evidence about the storm and drought impacts of Climate Change, caused partly by rising greenhouse gases from transport, coupled with the obesity epidemic, make this day even more relevant in 2008.

Dismay at the lack of funding committed to improving the walking environment

: 7 Aug 2008

At the end of a very successful NZ Walking conference, Living Street Aotearoa members expressed dismay at the lack of funding announced in the Government Policy Statement committed to improving the walking environment.

Walking has been overlooked in favour of Think Big transport projects for too long.

"We are under-whelmed by the targets and funding" Ms Wade-Brown said in a closing address to the delegates in Auckland.

Save petrol money - Walk

: 25 Jul 2008

Creating communities less reliant on oil will be high on the agenda at the New Zealand Walking conference, organised by Living Streets Aotearoa.

Making our communities more walkable by designing streets for people is a top priority as petrol rockets past $2 a litre, says walking expert Dan Burden.

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