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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Submission due - Accessible Streets rules changes 19 Apr 2020
Call to Action on the Accessible Streets package 13 Apr 2020
Managing the Uncertainty of the COVID-19 Outbreak through Walking 27 Mar 2020
LSA eBulletin March 2020 21 Mar 2020
Accessible Streets package not good for walkers 9 Mar 2020
International Transport Forum on e- scooters and other micro-vehicles 9 Mar 2020
What Lower Hutt is doing for walking 15 Jan 2020
Golden Gate Bridge Pedestrian day certificate 21 Dec 2019
2019 exec walking on crossing Wellington 18 Dec 2019
Footpaths for Feet petition presentations 17 Dec 2019
Why Victoria Walks thinks eScooter don't belong on the Footpath 17 Dec 2019
WALK21 2019, Celia's story 13 Dec 2019
Safer Speeds to Walk to School - Living Streets Aotearoa strongly endorses the Government’s commitment 28 Nov 2019
A letter to all elected local government representatives. 25 Nov 2019
eScooters not welcome on our footpaths 25 Nov 2019
Petition to keep pedestrians safe launched by national coalition 31 Oct 2019
Coroner wrong in Walk to School decision 31 Jul 2019
July 2019 eBulletin 18 Jul 2019
The Footpath as Contested Space: Fighting over the Scraps - Auckland 15 Jul 2019
Annual General Meeting 9 Jul 2019
Support for safer footpaths and communities 1 Jul 2019
Walk to Work day March 11 2020 22 Jun 2019
Building better communities in New Zealand 17 Jun 2019
NZ Walking Summit 2019 presenters - Walking connections to public transport 26 May 2019

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