The problem with footpath parking

A letter to the Wellington City Council’s Infrastructure Committee

I am a pedestrian.  I use footpaths for walking and occasionally for running.  When people park their cars park on the footpath, in such a way as to prevent me from passing, I am forced to walk or run on the road.  If I am on my own, this is an annoying inconvenience and creates a minor risk to my personal safety.  This inconvenience is increased on rubbish collection days when recycling bins, wheelie bins and rubbish bags are also on the footpath.

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Guidelines for facilities for blind and vision-impaired pedestrians

The purpose of this guideline is to provide the best practice design and installation principles for pedestrian facilities that assist blind and vision-impaired people.
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Pedestrians on slippery surfaces during winter etc

Every year there are thousands of pedestrians in Sweden who are injured because of slippery pavements and roadways.

Pedestrian network planning and facilities design guide (LTNZ)

Web page. Consultation has closed. These documents were provided during consultation and are kept here for reference.
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Nelson City Council engineering standards (2003)

This page links to individual sections of the standards document.
Nelson City Council
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