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Affordable housing needs walkable, compact and well-designed neighbourhoods

I recently sent this letter to Minister Nick Smith following some comments from him about urban design and footpaths. High quality urban design that encourages walkable neighbourhoods around public transport nodes is essential for the future or our cities. Good urban design makes economic sense both for individuals and communities as a whole.

Here is the letter I sent. I will post the response when it arrives.

Andy Smith - Living Streets Aotearoa President


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Media Release - Living Streets Aotearoa welcomes the final report of the Cycling Safety Panel

Media Release 18 December 2014

Living Streets Aotearoa welcomes the final report of the Cycling Safety Panel, with a Government commitment to fund $100 million of improvements for cyclists and a focus on safe speeds.

We are keen to see better cyclist facilities on-road to keep the footpaths safe for pedestrians. There were 41 pedestrian deaths on New Zealand roads to November this year and we look forward to the government urgently addressing the human toll of these shocking statistics.

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Living Streets Aotearoa Walking Awards

The Living Streets Aotearoa Walking Awards 


The NZ Walking Awards 

The Golden Foot Walking Awards celebrate and recognise New Zealand achievements for walkers by acknowledging innovative new facilities, highlighting national best practise and rewarding ongoing commitment to walking.  The awards are for private companies and public organisations, not-for-profit groups, and community organisations.

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Intersections - What pedestrians need

Intersections -  Living Streets Aotearoa - Policy May 2014

Traffic lights – No Green Cross light and Green traffic light (for turning traffic) should be on in the same direction.  Start Green Cross light before vehicle's green light (at least 5 seconds).

Countdown walk signals to inform pedestrians of time left to cross

At all intersections pedestrians should be able to cross using all 4 sides.

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