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Walk2Work Day 2018

Walk2Work Day is New Zealand’s national day to celebrate walking. Living Streets Aotearoa started this annual day in 2009 to promote walking, its health benefits, and its priority position in the sustainable transport hierarchy. We invite you to treat yourself and take your favourite walk on this day. Or join others at your local council event.

Put it in your diary now and Check in to see what is happening near you closer to the day

Join thousands of other New Zealanders out walking on Wednesday 14 March - our national fun day for walking

All over New Zealand
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Walking in North America - Celia Wade-Brown

Talking, walking, seeing fall colours and catching up with friends and family - what's not to like about a visit to North America in September?

We started with the grand official opening of the Banff Commonwealth Walkway. It physically links several paths around this Rocky Mountain City. Virtually there is a link to other Commonwealth countries including our own capital where the markers were finished last year. I was moved by the indigenous welcome from Siksika Nation elder Tom Crane Bear.  

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Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

Pedestrian advocacy group Living Streets Aotearoa has released a four point plan to get more New Zealanders walking. The plan has been produced on the back of New Zealand’s first national Walking Summit which saw pedestrian advocates, disability groups, sustainability experts and politicians come together to propose workable solutions to New Zealand’s walking crisis.

Living Streets Aotearoa’s four point plan:

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NZ Walking Summit 2017 Tom Platt from Living Streets UK

Tom Platt

Tom works for Living Streets, the national charity for everyday walking. He leads on Living Streets policy, campaigns, and communications. Tom is on the board of the International Federation of Pedestrians, has a background in Urban Design and an extensive knowledge of walking and the public realm.


Talking walking from the UK Living Streets

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NZ Walking Summit 2017 Ben Wooliscroft keynote speaker

Ben Wooliscroft

Associate Dean Research in the School of Business and Associate Professor, University of Otago

Speaking at the NZ Walking Summit 2017 on:

Why can’t we walk?

Ben will report on two national surveys (total sample over 4000) with a focus on transportation in New Zealand and New Zealander’s appetite for active transportation, with a focus on walking. There is clearly demand for safe, comfortable and walkable cities in New Zealand.


Why can't we walk? Asking the big question, is the keynote talk at the NZ Walking Summit 2017.

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More walking needed for the Government Policy Statement on Transport

Living Streets Aotearoa submission on the Government Policy Statement on Transport asks for some significant changes to the Policy that determines the funding for the New Zealand land transport system. The proposed GPS continues years of non-funding for walking and pedestrian activity with a heavy bias towards state highway funding. Our submission recommends the focus for the New Zealand transport system must be people-centred to support a healthy life and sustainable activity for all.

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Safer Pedestrians

Pedestrians are New Zealand’s forgotten road victims.
Each year almost four times as many pedestrians as cyclists are killed on New Zealand roads. Yet government has no Pedestrian Safety Plan and makes no investment in Urban Pedestrian infrastructure. We need an enquiry.
Please support Visual Impairment Charitable Trust Aotearoa NZ (VICTA) in this quest. Let’s make walking safer for everyone.

Please read through VICTA's statements below and sign their petition

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About Us

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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