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California's safe routes to school program

- Impacts on walking, bicycling, and pedestrian safety This article evaluates California's pioneering Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program, which funds traffic improvement projects designed to improve safety for children's walking and bicycling to school and to increase the number of children who do so.
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Pedestrians in peril on Valley streets

More than 1,000 San Fernando Valley pedestrians have been hit by vehicles since 2006, with three major thoroughfares serving as the sites of most of the serious injuries and deaths.

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Active signs trial report (Timaru, Invercargill)

Trial signs were erected in eleven different situations in Timaru and Invercargill for twelve months.
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Racial differences and pedestrian safety: some evidence from Maryland and implications for policy

One urban transportation mode that is often neglected is pedestrian movement. One group particularly susceptible in this mode is the elderly.

Terrorism, transit, and public safety: evaluating the risks

This paper evaluates the overall safety of public transit, taking into account all risks, including recent terrorist attacks.

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