Traffic lights being reprogrammed to prefer humans TfL

: 1 Oct 2020

Their research found that that 80% of pedestrians will cross within 30 seconds of arriving at a pedestrian crossing, irrespective of whether there is a green man shown to them. Worse, more than half of people cross within five seconds of arriving, so effectively do not wait for a green man at all. 

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Pedestrian road toll revealed - Victoria Walks

: 29 Sep 2020

30 Jul 2020

At least 7,000 pedestrians have been hit by ‘offending’ drivers over ten years, according to Police data in the most comprehensive analysis of pedestrian crashes ever produced in the state. 


Eskdale Park and Mountain Bikes in Hawke Bay

: 23 Sep 2020

The HB Mountain Bikers want access to several parks and reserves that have traditionally been the places where walkers and pedestrians have safely and peacefully frequented for both mental and physical well being & leisure.
The latest park/ reserve to have been targeted by the HB Mountain Bikers is Eskdale Park and the plans & surveying with Hastings Regional Council are well advanced although not yet public knowledge.


September 2020 eBulletin

: 12 Sep 2020

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Footpaths4feet coalition spoke with the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee

: 27 Jun 2020

Select Committee hearing of the petition to rid footpaths of eScooters

Living Streets and representatives of other organisations belonging to the Footpaths4feet coalition spoke with the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee on Thursday 25th June at 9.40am about the petition that we presented to Parliament last December. The petition asked Parliament to keep footpaths as safe places for pedestrians by passing a law prohibiting e-scooters and the like from them.


eBulletin June 2020

: 24 Jun 2020

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