Accessible Streets package not good for walkers

: 9 Mar 2020

Living Streets Aotearoa and the Footpaths for Feet Coalition strongly criticise the government's Accessible Streets package, released today (Monday 9/3/2020).

This was such an opportunity for a great rebalancing of the transport system to be achieved, in which modes that move at different speeds would be separated. instead, with one exception this package is even more anti-pedestrian than we feared it might be.

It's open slather on pedestrians! They should really have called it the Inaccessible Streets package as far as pedestrians are concerned.


Why Victoria Walks thinks eScooter don't belong on the Footpath

: 17 Dec 2019

Please read this attached submission from Australia's Victoria Walks 


Safer Speeds to Walk to School - Living Streets Aotearoa strongly endorses the Government’s commitment

: 28 Nov 2019

Safer Speeds to Walk to School 27th November 2019 Living Streets Aotearoa strongly endorses the Government’s commitment to improve safety for students walking to school through today’s announcement about lowering speeds around schools.

“Walking is a healthy and social choice for students, either for the whole journey or combined with public transport,”


eScooters not welcome on our footpaths

: 25 Nov 2019

We have a policy on those eScooters.  They are not welcome on NZ footpaths, they put people off walking due to the speed of these machines.  We welcome them in cycle lanes and low speed roads.

See our policy here.

There are more types of these vehicles lined up wanting to use the footpaths.  You have our answer 'Not on the footpath'


Petition to keep pedestrians safe launched by national coalition

: 31 Oct 2019

A petition to Government that would see e-scooters and other personal transport devices banned from New Zealand footpaths has been launched by a national coalition.

The coalition, which represents 14 member organisations across New Zealand, says that they have been working to support the Government as it brings in the Accessible Streets regulatory package.

“Although there are some good things in it, this package also seems to permanently allow personal transport devices such as e-scooters to be used on our footpaths.” says coalition spokesperson Dr. Chris Teo-Sherrell.


Coroner wrong in Walk to School decision

: 31 Jul 2019

Living Streets Aotearoa is shocked that the Coroner has said “the girl killed by the rubbish truck should not have been walking to school without an adult.”

It is a child's right to walk to school safely, and its the Government's job to make sure it was safe to walk to school or to play.


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