Letter to new Transport Ministers

: 26 Oct 2017

Kia ora Minister


Congratulations on your new role and wishing you every success as we move towards a sustainable climate-friendly future.


Walking has many benefits that will help us on this journey, including:


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eBulletin Sept 2017

: 8 Sep 2017

Find out more about what LSA thinks in the eBulletin at this link.


Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

: 6 Aug 2017

Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

Pedestrian advocacy group Living Streets Aotearoa has released a four point plan to get more New Zealanders walking. The plan has been produced on the back of New Zealand’s first national Walking Summit which saw pedestrian advocates, disability groups, sustainability experts and politicians come together to propose workable solutions to New Zealand’s walking crisis.

Living Streets Aotearoa’s four point plan:

NZ Walking Summit only one week away

: 21 Jul 2017

The first 2017 New Zealand Walking Summit is only one week away on 28 July in Wellington, New Zealand. This exciting opportunity for those with an interest in walking will explore the theme of 'how to make New Zealand a world leading walking place'.

eBulletin June 2017

: 30 May 2017

See the eBulletin attached below


Will our school children get home healthy and safe?

: 1 May 2017

Work Safe is promising adults to 'get you home healthy and safe', but little is being done for children who walk or cycle to school.  Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds says the Government is irresponsible, as there are no consistent rules in place to get school children home 'healthy and safe' and is calling on them to put rules place to protect our most vulnerable road users.