The E-scooters on footpaths debacle

: 25 Apr 2019

Andy Smith, President of Living Streets Aotearoa talks to Phil Pennington, Radio NZ, about keeping our footpaths safe for pedestrians. We need better data on pedestrians, on our footpaths and how to improve them for pedestrians. Meanwhile the government has allowed e-scooters and is working to get more vehicles onto our footpaths!


Tee shirts for Walk2Work Day 2019 stride out stars

: 22 Apr 2019

National Walk 2 Work Day took place on the 13th of March, and it was a gloriously bright day, perfect for walking. It is not possible to thank you enough for supporting it in social media and in real life. We have seen all your photos with the event's hashtags. We selected four contributions that we specially liked, and Holly, Donna, Fleur and the Napier City Council team will be getting one of our new tee shirts as recognition of their efforts.


eBulletin March 2019

: 30 Mar 2019

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eBulletin December 2018

: 17 Dec 2018


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Dear Lester and the Auckland Transport Board,

: 8 Dec 2018

Dear Lester and the Auckland Transport Board,

London, New York, Melbourne, Sydney, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris

These great cities of the world have speed limits of 30 km/h.
Their safer speeds have resulted in less death and serious injuries, however these cities also recognise the benefits of safe speeds are much broader:


Traffic flows improve: more people walk/cycle, greater public transport use, less congestion and travel time reliability improves.


Safety comes first in decision to lower speed limit on a high-risk section of State Highway 58.

: 14 Sep 2018

After careful consideration, the Transport Agency is lowering the speed limit from 100km/h to 80km/h on a high-risk section of State Highway 58. The change comes into effect on 22 September 2018.

“It’s also important to note that Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, the Automobile Association, Hutt City Council, Wellington City Council, Porirua City Council, Living Streets Aotearoa and many local residents support the Transport Agency’s decision to lower the speed limit.”