Basin Reserve Flyover - Wellington

: 23 Jul 2014

Media release from Living Streets Aotearoa

The Board of Inquiry decision on the Basin Bridge flyover has made the only sensible choice for a project with no pedestrian benefits despite its position adjacent to three of the largest secondary schools in Wellington and one of the most walkable parts of Wellington. The Basin Reserve needs to be easier to walk around and cross the roads to encourage people to enjoy this great Wellington spot.



Draft GPS on Transport

: 18 Jun 2014

Living Streets Aotearoa Press Release

Living Streets needed not roading corridors of death

Pedestrian advocacy group, Living Streets Aotearoa, is calling for a more sensible approach to transport than that represented by the Government Policy Statement issued on Monday.

2Walk and Cycle Conference, Nelson Oct 29 - Call for Presentations

: 30 Apr 2014

  See the details here  Presentations are now need for our Conference.


Executive Meeting in Wellington April 12 2014

: 9 Feb 2014

We are meeting for the day in Mt Victoria to chat about Living Streets Aotearoa strategy.

If you are in the area please join in the dissuccion as all ideas are welcome.  Email us to get the address and time.