To add an anchor ie a link to a specific spot on a page, first you need to add the 'anchor' where you want the link to jump to, then you need to add a hyperlink at the place you want them to click. So if at the top of your page you have some bullet points eg RED and BLUE - and you want people clicking on RED to jump down to the paragraph called RED then you need to

  • to make the anchor, use the Anchor symbol to insert an anchor immediately before your destination paragraph headed RED. The 'name' you give this anchor is what you will then use in the hyperlink - so in this case the name will be 'red' though it could just be a number
  • to make the hyperlink select the RED bullet point at the top of your page and click on the 'chain' symbol to create a hyperlink, and in the Link URL field type #red - that is all - that is the 'name' of the anchor that you made previously.


If you want to make a link to an anchor on another page then you just add #name (eg #red) to the end of the url - so if it is a link to a page on this site then you can just put eg node1234#red

Here are the bullet points


And here are the paragraphs that you want people to jump to when they click on the above

RED - this is the red paragraph

BLUE - this is the blue paragraph



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