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TOD not TAD - Creating Great Places for People in New Lynn

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Increasingly, major sporting events are looking to walking as the main mode of access to venues and as a link to public transport. Good pedestrian planning can have a signficant impact on the success and public experience of a sporting event.

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Robert Lipka
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Waitakere City Council
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Tue p.m. early

Winner of the Golden Foot Award 2010: Best Walking Promotion

Cruise the Waterfront campaign

Cycle Aware Wellington

Wellington cyclists are cleaning up their act with a courtesy campaign aimed at reducing conflict with walkers and curbing bad biking behaviour on the waterfront. The campaign includes a printed courtesy code, events, a video, news releases, bell giveaways and a grand prize of a cruise to Kapiti island.

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Meeting Minutes 23 March 2010


Meeting Notes

23 March 2010


Present: Emma Frost (Ranui Action Project), Vincent Dickie (Living Streets Aotearoa – Auckland), Sandy Mills (WCC), Dot Dalziel (WCC), Robert Lipka (WCC)

Apologies: Kimberley Williams (RCH)

Previous Minutes

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Meeting Notes 8 February 2010


Meting Notes

8 February 2010


Present: Rochelle Young (Sport Waitakere – Active Waitakere), Jenny Tanner (Massey-Ranui Neighbourhood Back2Back Project), Richard Lee ((Sustainable Ranui-Swanson), Roi Stephens (Neighbourhood support), Emma Frost (Ranui Action Project), Leao Tildsley (McLaren Park &Henderson South Community Initiative)

Apologies: Tania Heke (MPHS)


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Submission on the Local Government (Auckland Law Reform) Bill


Submission from Living Streets Auckland

on the Local Government (Auckland Law Reform) Bill


Organisation:              Living Streets Auckland

Contact person:          Vincent Dickie

Address:                     PO Box 91 301, Auckland 1142                         

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Living Streets North Shore Submission on Draft Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy (RLTS) 2010-2040


Submission from Living Streets North Shore

on the draft Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy (RLTS) 2010 - 2040


Organisation:           Living Streets North Shore

Contact person:          Gay Richards

Address:                 20A Roberts Ave, Bayswater, North Shore 0622        

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