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Walk2Work Toolkit - Getting Started

Getting Started

A good place to start is by looking at all the travel associated with running your business and developing a plan to make your travel smarter and more cost effective. 

The New Zealand Transport Agency has a simple, clear explanation of what Workplace Travel Planning it is and how to do it, with handy templates you can adapt for your workplace - see NZTA Workplace Travel Planning  You can also contact your local Council for assistance. 

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Walk2Work Toolkit

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The Walk2Work Toolkit is a resource to help businesses encourage their employees to walk to work, thus reducing absenteeism, improving employee health, and increasing productivity.

Walking is the most accessible and easy form of exercise.  It doesn’t cost anything, no special equipment or training is needed, and people of all levels of fitness can walk.   

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Space is Money: The economic case for walkable settlements in NZ

Speaker Profile

Julie is a transportation planner with McCormick Rankin Cagney consultants.  She is passionate about sustainable transport and sees an extraordinary opportunity to achieve better economic outcomes and more liveable cities with innovative approaches to defining and solving transportation problems.

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Julie Anne Genter
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McCormick Rankin Cagney Consultants
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Tue a.m. early