Community Engagement

Principles towards a walking-friendly and human city

It is time to improve the situation and the status of the pedestrians, in an era where motor traffic in the cities is expanding causing a negative impact on the quality of city life. The goal should be to form a city policy dedicated to providing more living space and prioritising the pedestrian.
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Community contracts assessment guidelines and criteria (Wanganui)

The Council recognises opportunities exist to establish productive partnerships with organisations providing a diverse and complex range of social, recreational and
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Walking Map Toolbox

The Walking Maps Tool Box, by the Health Sponsorship Council (2006), is designed for communities that want to encourage people who live or work in their area and visitors to walk more. Creating a walking map is one means of motivating people to walk in their local area.

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Social capital and the built environment

The importance of walkable neighbourhoods Leyden seeks to examine whether pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use neighbourhoods encourage enhanced levels of social and community engagement, using Galway as a case study.
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