NZ Walking Conference 2008 - Visuals and Abstracts

Click the paper titles to view the abstracts. These are pdf files about 100KB long. Click the visuals or handout for pdf copies of the visuals. Some of these files are very large - see the notes on downloading large pdf files.


Dan Burden,

Walkable Communities, Florida

Key Note Address

What is a Walkable/Liveable Community? Visuals - part 1 23MB

Visuals - part 2 18 MB

Handouts 6.5MB

Building Healthy Streets Visuals 23MB
Gaining Popular Consensus and Ownership Visuals 22MB
Key note addresses

Iain McAuley,

Ministry of Transport

The New Zealand Walking and Cycling Profile – a snapshot of walking and cycling in New Zealand Visuals 1.3MB

Tim Hughes,

Land Transport New Zealand

Using the Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide Visuals 390KB

Andrew Trevelyan,

Rodney District Council

Urban Design and how it encourages people to walk (Rodney urban design guide and Abu Dhabi)

Visuals 7.8MB
Handouts 3.4MB

Kitch Cuthbert,

Waitakere City Council

Walking the Walk - Extreme Walking 

Jan McCredie,

Manukau City Council: Urban Design Group

Street Layouts for Walkable Cities
(paper 41KB)
Visuals 4.6MB
Handouts 780KB

Tom Morton,

Resolve Group

Removing the myths of Carbon Credits for the New Zealand familyVisuals 130KB

Celia Wade-Brown,

Living Streets Aotearoa

Different Ways to Map your WalkVisuals 2.4MB

Ina Stenzel,

Auckland City Council

Panmure Be Active MapVisuals 800KB
Walking by design 1

Julie Genter

McCormick Rankin Cagney

How to make pedestrian friendly communities an economically rational choice Visuals 7.8MB
Handouts 360KB

Phil Hendon

Transit New Zealand

New Zealand State Highways and Pedestrians
(paper - 497K pdf)

Susan Mavoa, Karen Witten

Centre for Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Neighbourhood walkability tools Visuals 1.8MB
Promoting walking 1

John White

Infowrite Ltd

Building an active-friendly New Zealand: The time to start is now Visuals 280KB

Susan Cambridge

Christchurch City Council

Encouraging walking through driver safety education
(paper - 19K pdf)
Visuals 2.7MB

Michael Cambridge

Bike/ Walk Marlborough

Smart driving and parking to liven up Blenheim, increase travel speeds, and benefit from emissions trading Visuals 890KB

Grant Schofield

Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, AUT University

Using census data to travel through time in New Zealand: patterns in journey to work data 1981-2006 Visuals 1.4MB
Walking to school 1

Roly Hermans, Val Stamper and Sandra Ewing

Educating NZ, RoadSense - Āta Haere Facilitators

Encouraging walking at schools Visuals 1.0MB

Raewyn Baldwin

Land Transport New Zealand

Feet First Walk to School Week 2008  

Sue Kendall, Simon Vincent

Auckland Regional Transport Authority

Walking School Buses in Auckland Visuals 730KB
Walking by design 2

Robin Kearns, Hector Kawai, Victoria Jensen

The University of Auckland

Windows into walkability: Using photovoice to understand the complexities of walking in Auckland  

Hannah Badland, Nick Garrett

Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, Auckland University of Technology

How does Public Transport Accessibility influence Work-related Travel Behaviours?  

Steve Abley

Abley Transportation Engineers

How can accessibility be measured? Visuals 5.3MB
Promoting walking 2

Penny Mitroupolos

Sport Bay of Plenty

Sharing successful community walking initiatives and approaches  

Sandy Ritchie

Sport Bay of Plenty

City on Its Feet -Tauranga's Winning Walking Formula  

Bridget Farmiloe

Harbour Health

Fitness Fundraising and Fighting Fires Visuals 1.6MB
Walking to school 2

Joy Kingsbury-Aitken

Christchurch City Council

Walking or Wheeling on Wednesday to School
 (paper - 70K pdf)

Mark Leishman

Sport Manawatu

iMove the Nation Visuals 2.7MB

Sarah Burrows

Rodney District Council

School Zones and environment changes - how they can be effective in a Rural Setting Visuals 910KB
Walking by design 3

Vivian Naylor

CCS Disability Action

Designing Inclusive Street Scapes  

Louise Thornley

Quigley and Watts Ltd

Age-friendly cities; what will help to double older walkers? Visuals 1.6MB

Tracy Allat

Beca Infrastructure Ltd

Providing an inclusive transport environment - it's the small things that matter Visuals 520KB
Promoting walking 3

Mark Roberts

Sustainable Business Network

Business at Walking Pace Visuals 3.6MB
Handouts 410KB

Rachel Cook

Indicate NZ Ltd

Earn as you burn - trialling incentives to walk or bike to work Visuals 490KB

Rhys Taylor

Landcare Research

Learning from research and education experience Visuals 1.0MB
Walking to school 3

Derek Glover

Mairehau High School / Beca

School Travel Walkshop - An investigation into the effects of the mode of travel and length of travel of secondary school students on their preparedness for learning  

Bill Rice

Opus International Consultants

How we got to school? Visuals 9.8MB
Handouts 1.2MB

Debbie Lang, Robin Kearns

Auckland Regional Transport Authority

Walking to school: Are parents aware of the benefits? Visuals 440KB
School travel workshop

Sue Kendall

Auckland Regional Transport Authority

"Walking Workshop Bus" around the Panmure Basin, where various Auckland TLAs can be found presenting successful school walking promotional ideas
(paper - 281K pdf)
Walking by design 4

Helen Reynolds

Victoria University

Challenging the Car Dominated Street: Complexity Theory and The Shared Street Movement Visuals 7.5MB
Handouts 820KB

Katy Marriott

Auckland Regional Transport Authority

Tips and tricks to get your walking project funded  

Peter Kortegast

Opus International Consultants

How to get LTNZ to pay for your footpaths? Visuals 1.6MB
  Visuals 88KB

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